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LASIK Atlanta has been organized to bring you the best information regarding surgeries, surgeons, techniques, and the associated costs with the procedure. LASIK eye surgery has become the “go-to” solution for common vision problems (nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia). This common outpatient surgery reduces your dependence on prescription eyeglasses and/or contact lenses by reshaping the surface of the cornea to remove all aberrations and in turn, achieve perfect vision.

If you are considering LASIK in Atlanta, Georgia for yourself or someone you know, one of the first steps is to determine if this type of surgery is the right choice. Yes, there are thousands of people who have increased their quality of life with laser eye surgery, and you most likely will as well. However, as with any other surgery, LASIK carries some risks, no matter the surgeon. It’s important to take these into consideration before undergoing any type of operation. For your convenience, we have listed some of the most common complications faced with laser eye surgery in the sections below. We’ve also listed some of the benefits.

LASIK Eye Surgery Atlanta

LASIK Eye Surgery in Atlanta: The Benefits

When considering LASIK in Atlanta GA, you should think about personal health and your lifestyle. While there are some risks associated with laser eye surgery (like any other procedure), the benefits oftentimes outweigh those risks. The only alternative is to continue wearing contact lenses or eye glasses.

Since you’re doing the research, you might find the following benefits listed here useful in the decision-making process.

  • Seeing outside your main line of vision. Wearing glasses impairs your ability to see your entire field of vision clearly. In other words, you can only see things well when you look through the actual lenses of your glasses. With LASIK, you’ll be able to look around, without having to move your head, adjust your glasses, or squint.
  • The most recent LASIK techniques include mapping the contour of the eye and shaping it to perfection. Even with the most sophisticated contact lenses, getting perfect 20/20 vision is nearly impossible. With corrective eye surgery, perfect 20/20 is a reality.
  • You’ll never have to replace lenses. Vision insurance and the cost of contacts and/or eyeglasses over the course of a lifetime can be cumbersome. With laser eye surgery, you’ll only have to pay for the procedure once.
  • People with active lifestyles can become more active. Wearing contacts is seen by some people as the only option to engage in exercise, sports, or even the simplest recreational activities that require body movement. Since eyeglasses are an obvious inferior solution for active people, they tend to go with contact lenses. But even these have a ton of drawbacks. With LASIK, you’ll never lose a contact lens or have something get caught in-between your eye and the lens.

People who wear glasses or contacts have been considering making the change to LASIK but were unsure and had questions. This is precisely why we our recommended providers offer a free consultation to answer any questions you have and determine if you are a good candidate. Contact our one of our recommended Atlanta LASIK surgeons today and schedule your free screening.

LASIK Eye Surgery in Atlanta: The Risks

  • Under-correction or over-correction. If the laser eye surgery removes too little or too much tissue from your eye, you won’t get your desired vision. Furthermore, tissue removal at an uneven rate can result in astigmatism.
  • Vision disturbances. For a brief time following laser vision correction, you may notice glare, halos around lights or double vision. The effect of these complications usually occurs at night.
  • Dry eyes. LASIK surgery causes a temporary decrease in tear production. Although this is typically temporary, you may experience an increase in dry eyes even after your eyes have fully healed.
  • Flap problems. Just like with any surgery, infection is always a risk. Folding back or removing the flap from the front of your eye during surgery can cause these types of complications.

While LASIK eye surgeons have become even more and more precise with their techniques and procedures, it’s important that we make the risks known to you. This isn’t just some sales pitch that most websites have front and center for the reader. This website is dedicated to laying it all out there so that you can make an educated decision regarding which route is best for you. For instance, if you aren’t comfortable with the risks, continue to wear glasses or contacts. It’s your choice. However, if you choose to go forward with your research, we’re glad you’ve come to LASIK Atlanta for your information.

The Best LASIK Surgeons in Atlanta

LASIK Atlanta is dedicated to bringing you the best information, in its totality, so that you can make an educated decision. By doing the due diligence and researching dozens of eye clinics, eye surgeons, and the latest laser eye surgery techniques, we are able to do just that. Throughout our website, you’ll find not only the clinics that offer the best LASIK in Atlanta, but also the best LASIK surgeons in Atlanta as well!

Why LASIK Atlanta?

Our recommended laser vision correction experts lead the industry in turnaround time, efficacy, professionalism, and customer satisfaction, and outpatient care. On average, our Atlanta LASIK surgeons take only about fifteen minutes to perform the actual surgery. Unlike most surgical operations, this allows the patient to schedule a procedure on his or her day off and be back to work the next day.

LASIK Atlanta GAIt’s also important to note that our recommended physicians are the considered the best Atlanta LASIK surgeons due to the patient’s comfort throughout the entire procedure. During the initial consultation, the surgeon will sit down with the potential patient and go over the risks associated with laser vision correction. He or she will then address any additional concerns and go over the exact chances of those risks depending on the technique recommended for the procedure. Once the risks have been assessed, a surgery will be scheduled at the patient’s convenience. Our surgeons and their staff have the utmost respect for people’s time and schedules and they make sure that there is minimal (if any) loss of time at work or important events in a person’s life. Leading up to the surgery, the patient is given a pamphlet with specific instructions on diet, amount of rest, and any other precautions to take that will make the procedure go as smoothly as possible with minimal discomfort. Following the LASIK procedure, the patient will be scheduled for aftercare checkups just to be sure that the eyes have healed properly and everything is going according to plan.

LASIK Atlanta has helped countless people restore their vision in even the “worse” cases of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. No matter how bad you think your vision problem is, there is most likely a solution. Contact our one of our recommended Atlanta LASIK surgeons today and schedule your free screening.