Financing the Cost of Lasik

Our mission at the LASIK Atlanta is to make the surgery affordable for anyone looking to experience the freedom of vision correction with how the need for contacts or glasses. We understand that the cost of laser eye surgery can be intimidating to most people. However, we also believe that financial considerations should not be an obstacle in obtaining laser eye surgery in Atlanta.

For this reason we have designed a variety of different and flexible payment plans to help finance your LASIK eye surgery in Atlanta. Please contact our office and we are happy to review the payment plans with you to determine which ones you qualify for and fit comfortably within your budget. Our recommended LASIK Atlanta surgeons are proud to bring you one step closer to achieving your vision goals.

Through our partnership with CareCredit, we can offer $0 down and 0% interest with 24 month financing, making quality LASIK and cataract surgery affordable for almost everyone without breaking the bank.

Our number one goal is to make LASIK affordable enough to fit comfortably within almost anyone budget. LASIK is a very liberating surgery and we feel strongly that your financial situation should not hold you back from getting the surgery. It is for this reason that we have partnered with Care Credit which offers a variety of payment plans and options at a price everyone can afford while not sacrificing the quality of the technology used.